Famoust Internet Entrepreneurs

Posted by aloha on 9:28 AM
Internet Entrepreneurs - Famoust Internet entrepreneurs The Profiles of part of the most famous internent entrepreneurs and busines leaders. Below is a listing of all the famous internet entrepeneurs and technology experts that have been profiled. They includes internet leaders that have been successful in business and building their internent companies and corporates. Internet entrepreneurs as well include owners of technology and computer business that can or may not make most of their earnings from the internet. Some of the business leaders below include people from major online and technology brands like Amazon.com, and Apple ComputersGoogle, Microsoft and the startups Five minutes, Jobookit Technologies, About.me and others. Mark Cuban Biography American billionaire internet entrepreneur and NBA basketball team owner. Bill Gates Biography Bill gates is ranked the richest man in the world according to the Forbes business magazine, he is the founder of the Microsoft software company and is a generous philanthropist donating millions every year through his Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Jeff Bezos Biography Jeff is an Internet entrepreneur, philanthropist, and Amazon.com founder. Sergey Brin Biography Mr. Brin is the founder of the Google search engine company and internet entrepreneur. He's an investor of some SU companies. Steve Jobs Biography Cofounder and CEO of Apple Computer Co, founder of NeXT and sits on the board of directors for Pixar. Rupert Murdoch Biography News Corporation CEO, newspaper man and media magnate. The Australian born is one of the most powerful men in the world, with media interests worldwide. Larry Page Biography Founder of the Google search engine company and internet entrepreneur. Reid Hoffman Founder and Chairman of LinkedIn. Hoffman is also one of the seeders of Facebook. Arik Filstein Arik is the founder behind Jobookit Technologies one of the most promising StartUp companies in the HR arena. Jobookit has announced to release its biggest Semantic Engine of HR as part of the upcoming launch of ExactMe, the flagship product of the company to rock the HR and Job board companies. Jobookit shareolders are Former CIO of Bank of America, CEO at HP software, Former CEO at NetApp Israelm Former CEO at Microsoft Europe and others. The HR's comunity titiled arik as Master HR. Ran Harnevo Ran is one of the most famoust entrepreneur in Israel. AOL paid a reputed $65 million his SU in September 2010. Why the high price? 5min is one of the web's leading video content syndication companies. Their primary site, 5min.com, is a self-described "one-stop shop for instructional videos and DIY projects" that has inked content agreements with everyone from Kellogg's Cereal to top-tier television networks.